Nordic Curl Strap - Door Hook Fitting

$46.00 NZD

This heavy duty strap allows you to do Nordic curls by simply inserting it under your door or rack. A great Nordic curl bench alternative that takes up almost no space! Train anywhere, anytime with this clever piece of equipment, also great for: sit-ups, core training, core twists and Spanish squats.

Our specially designed heavy duty strap, combined with a rubberised door anchor, keeps you engaged and off the floor, while the ultra-thick comfort pad ensures a comfortable experience without digging into your legs.

Do you desire to increase your running speed and jump higher? Nordic curls are among the most effective exercises for achieving these goals and reducing the risk of injuries. If you want to take your performance to the next level, the Nordic curl is an essential exercise.

Train without limitations with the Nordic Curl Stap. It ensures safe and proper execution of repetitions for the most effective exercises, making it a must-have piece of equipment for home gyms or travel fitness routines. Whether you're doing sit-ups, core training, Spanish squats, core twists, or other exercises, the Nordic Curl Strap has got you covered.

Experience simplicity and effectiveness with a quick 10-second setup. Whether you're a beginner or advanced athlete, the adjustable hamstring curl strap can be tailored to your shoe size. The belt strap slides under the door and connects, acting as a weight to keep your feet on the floor. Athletes, runners, and weightlifters all agree that no other home workout equipment compares to the Nordic Curl Strap.

Boost your performance with faster sprints and safer lifts!