Eco Bamboo Posture Stool - Foldable

$63.00 NZD$80.00 NZD

Our Posture Stools are sustainably-sourced, light-weight and affordable.

Posture Meditation Stool benefits

Our multi-use Posture Meditation Stool is designed to improve posture and increase comfort while meditating or practising breathwork. It helps to reduce strain on your legs, ankles and knees whilst sitting or kneeling. 

It doubles as a laptop desk for use in bed or on your sofa. If you’re working on your laptop at your coffee table use it as a chair.

Highly portable, fold it up and take it with you in the complimentary carry bag. 

Posture Meditation Stool uses





Laptop table

Work-from-home stool


Compressed Bamboo

Tote Carry Bag


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