Reverse Squat Straps

$39.95 AUD

Introducing our innovative solution, the Reverse Squat Strap - your ultimate solution for addressing your Hip Flexor requirements! Our Reverse Squat Strap provides an incredibly convenient option for engaging in an outstanding training session without breaking the bank. By utilising the Reverse Squat Strap, you can effectively develop robust hip flexor muscles. These crucial muscles are responsible for lifting your legs during activities such as running or jumping. As you intensify your lower body training, your legs naturally become stronger and more substantial. Consequently, raising your legs with the assistance of your hip flexors demands increased strength. Incorporating the reverse squat exercise enables your hip flexors to keep pace with the rest of your body. We have meticulously designed the Reverse Squat Strap with durable materials and a sturdy steel D-ring construction, making it ideal for commercial use. It is a perfect fit for Knees Over Toes ATG workouts, gyms, sports teams, CrossFit, group training sessions, athletes, and physical therapists. Enhancing your hip flexor strength can yield numerous benefits, including increased running speed, enhanced agility, improved jumping ability, and reduced stress on your knees.


  • Heavy Duty D-Ring / Durable Non-Slip Webbing
  • 1/4" Neoprene Padding for Added Comfort
  • Branded Carrying Bag


  • 11.4 x 10.9 x 10.9 cm
  • 210 grams