Olympic Plate Loaded Weight Vest

$170.00 AUD

Introducing the ultimate training accessory with our olympic plate loaded adjustable weight vest, expertly crafted for indoor & outdoor gym workouts, rucking, and safe training during injury rehabilitation. This military-grade vest is designed for durability and versatility.

Key Features:

1. Military-Grade Durability:
Constructed with a 1000D nylon Cordura outer layer and reinforced with robust iron buckles and clips, this vest stands up to the most demanding training environments.

2. Versatile Training:
This vest is not just suitable for gym workouts, including strength training and CrossFit, but also for rucking and endurance activities. It's particularly beneficial for athletes adapting their regimen due to injuries.

3. Versatile Weight Customisation:
Easily attach and remove Olympic-sized weights on the front, back, or both, offering balanced and targeted training for both rehabilitation and general fitness.

4. Removable Weight Fixings:
The unbreakable aero-grade plastic weight fixings are fully removable, enabling quick load adjustments and catering to evolving training needs, especially crucial for rehabilitation.

5. Optimal Comfort:
The air mesh inner lining ensures breathability and comfort during intense workouts or prolonged use, essential for athletes in recovery.

6. Secure, Adjustable Fit:
Fitted with sturdy nylon straps and quick-release iron buckles, the vest guarantees a snug and adaptable fit for all body types and training movements.

7. Train whilst recovering from injury:
Ideal for athletes with arm or shoulder injuries, the vest's adjustable weight distribution allows for a safe and effective workout, reducing the risk of aggravating existing injuries.

8. Easy to Pack and Portable:
Our weight vest is designed with portability in mind. Its compact size and detachable weight fixings make it easy to pack and carry, ensuring you can maintain your training schedule wherever you go. 
Elevate your workouts with our adjustable weight vest, the perfect blend of durability, flexibility, and portability, meeting the demands of dynamic training and recovery, anywhere and anytime.

*80kg max loading
*Vest does NOT include weights
*Suitable weight hole must be 2 inch (50.6mm)